Follow me into a world of dreams,
where hate and anger don't exist;
where a swallow's song lasts all day long
and pain around you will desist.

When you take my hand, you'll understand
that nothing in this life is real;
in my fantasy world, when it unfurls
we could see whatever we feel.

In my dreams, or so it seems,
the sky is always painted blue,
and my life always seems right
when I'm sharing it with you.

Under the stars, we could go far
and pave our lives' dreams with gold.
In my fantasy, we would see
all the beauty that life holds.

Come go with me to my world of dreams
and we'll climb the highest mountain;
we'll go to Nice, and the isles in Greece,
then make a wish at the Trevi Fountain.

My wish you'll find is not unkind
to everyone that I have known;
peace and serenity, enveloped in tranquility
and a happy and loving home.