Ride the white stallion, ride the white steed,
ride into the sunset, ride towards the sea.

Hear the thunder beneath you, hear the thunder roar,
hear the power in your hands, hear but look no more.

Trust the path he leads you on, trust he knows the way,
trust his primitive instincts, trust with no words to say.

Close your eyes - enjoy the ride, close your eyes - enjoy the sounds,
close your eyes and see nothing, close your eyes and look around.

Feel the mist upon your face, feel the splash of the surf,
feel the bad memories disappear, feel like they never hurt.

Grasp the reins tightly, grasp the moment, too,
grasp the feeling eternally, grasp what can't be taken from you.

Hold the white stallion, hold the white steed,
hold onto this memory, hold onto me.