A valentine,
for the love of mine,
so she may not be dismayed;
a passionate flower
every hour
on this romantic day.

Sweet candy,
will come handy,
when trying to win her heart;
a white rose,
I suppose,
would be a nice way to start.

A red rose,
with some prose,
could always make her smile;
some tulips,
and wine to sip,
will go that extra mile.

A lilac,
has the knack
to send a warmth inside;
and champagne
won't go in vain,
when taken along for the ride.

A white lily
may seem silly,
but it's still aromatic;
and a back rub
won't get snubbed,
it just keeps things romantic.

All these flowers
have the power
to make her smile, it's true;
but it should be stated,
to make her elated,
nothing beats "I Love You".