Have you seen my baby...
with a smile that makes the sun shine bright;
with an angel's face while she sleeps at night;
with a sweet song, when she calls my name;
filling a void when I'm feeling pain.
Have you seen my baby,
I can't live if I won't see her again....

Have you seen my child today...
playing with friends, with no care in the world;
playing in the park with all the boys and girls;
playing for today, not thinking of tomorrow;
fluttering about like a joy-filled sparrow.
Have you seen my child today...
for I am filled with sorrow.

Have you a kind soul in your heart...
when you stole her away, you took my life;
when you ripped her away, you filled me with strife;
when you hid her from me, you tore down my whole world;
making me die as my life came unfurled.
Have you a kind soul in your heart,
to return to me my baby girl.