I wish I could fly,
high in the sky,
away from my troubles and fears.
Alone I would soar,
and look back no more,
and I'd wipe away all my tears.

I envy the birds,
for without words,
they communicate all their sorrows.
With the start of a new day,
they just fly away,
and don't worry about tomorrow.

With no care in the world,
I would just unfurl
my wings and fly away home.
With no destination,
just determination,
I would live life just to roam.

If I only had wings,
I would see things,
not just as I wish them to be.
My dreams would be real,
not just how I feel
life has been treating me.

I long to be free,
so I could be just me,
without the restrictions of my life.
High above the clouds,
with no one else around,
to live the dream that is mine.