Yes, I do have my own thoughts, even if some are "borrowed" from others. The following are some of my own philosophies.


There are no mistakes, only choices

By using this rationale, we take responsibility for our actions. Since we always make a decision (conscious or unconscious) based on our past experiences before acting, the choice at that moment can never be a mistake. When, in hindsight, we see that the choice we made was the wrong one and call the choice a mistake, we don't take responsibility for our actions. We simply say "let's move on, it was a mistake" and we quickly forget what happened. By admitting the choice was a bad one, we can learn from it and, hopefully, not make the same choice again if we are faced with the same decision. I know what you're thinking. "What if someone keeps making the same, wrong choice, over and over again? Wouldn't that be a mistake?" The answer is simply "No". In that scenario, the word you're looking for is "stupidity".


You have to earn my respect

I'm sorry, but after having dealt with so many people that think they garner respect just by using words and/or terms that they think makes them look smart, I need to see a reason as to why I should respect you. Go ahead and spout theories of quantum physics to others, but you'll have to prove that theory to me, rather than recite page 55 of an old college textbook, if you want my respect.


People appreciate the little things

Treat a friend to dinner or buy them a coffee in the mornings. Don't expect, or ask for anything in return. If they are a true friend, they'll turn around and surprise you by returning the favour when you least expect it. If they don't return the least you brought a smile to someone's face.


Be there for someone just by listening

Even if they have nothing important to say, they may just want to know someone is out there listening to them.


If you don't know the answer, admit it

There's no shame in admitting you don't know everything. If people make you feel bad about asking, that just shows their own lack of character.